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Anonymous: I guess I just feel weird about it, and about their motivations in becoming a midwive or an OB- I mean, if you're pro abortion, why would you help pregnant women give birth? I get them becoming an abortionist, logically, but just... I don't understand them being a midwife or OB. And it makes me so uncomfortable I can't ask mine outright where she stands, because idk how much I can trust her with my baby's life.






I completely agree with you there, and I see what you’re saying. A pro-life OB or midwife would value your baby’s life better than a pro-abortion one.

What a crock of shit.

Midwives are medical professionals and as such they have a duty to make sure the pregnant person goes through a safe birth.

A pro choice midwife would understand that this person has CHOSE to have this child, and would endeavour to make it as safe as possible.

Such outrageous bullshit, you talk. - Leigh

My mom is a pro-choice midwife.
She’s delivered thousands of babies. She has witnessed countless times how emotionally and physically challenging/exhausting it is to be pregnant for nine months and give birth. She’s been there for mental breakdowns, panic attacks, health scares, abusive relationships, extreme poverty, medical emergencies, and even deaths. That’s why she’s pro-choice. Because it’s such an intensely difficult experience for people with wanted pregnancies. Forcing someone to go through that process when they don’t even want to is BARBARIC.

I don’t usually talk about this on Tumblr, but my doctor when I was pregnant was pro-life. When my very, very wanted pregnancy ended in miscarriage, she refused to give me the necessary procedure when I was hemorrhaging because it was “too close to an abortion” for her comfort. The procedure was a d&c, which is sometimes necessary if your body has trouble, which I did, because I have a back-tilting uterus. I ended up having emergency surgery at the hands of a more competent doctor, and multiple blood transfusions. The competent doctor was close to tears when evaluating me, and kept saying “I can’t believe she let it get this bad, a few more hours of bleeding and you could have died.” What was already a terrible time for me because I was losing a baby turned into an absolute nightmare, and I almost lost my life. So even though my pregnancy didn’t end in abortion, my doctor’s pro-life level of comfort for a procedure she deemed “close to abortion” (which, it’s not, a d&c has nothing to do with abortion), was placed above my own safety. So think again if you believe a pro-life doctor will handle your pregnancy better than a pro-choice one.

I’m SO glad you’re okay, wow.

And you’re not the only person this has happened to. A woman in Washington had her second pregnancy put in danger by her Catholic hospital’s mismanagement of her first miscarriage because they “valued” her fetus’ life over her own. Or "Janet," who almost died because her fetus’ heart was still beating while she was bleeding to death. And we all heard about the late Savita Halappanavar in Ireland, where abortion is illegal.

I don’t know if these people think pro-choice midwives are secretly performing abortions on their patients or what, but there are documented cases of what happens when “pro-life” ideology clashes with medical reality, so…